Your Go-to Guide to the Coupe Glasses

You’ve got wine glasses, you’ve got beer glasses, but your home bar isn’t complete without a classic cocktail glass. So if you’re looking for the glass that will add instant elegance to your next gathering, you can’t go wrong with a coupe. 

What’s a coupe glass? 

Put simply, a coupe glass is any stemmed cocktail glass with a rounded bowl and straight sides. A British invention with a French name (cup is “coupe” in French), the coupe glass was originally created for bubbly beverages like Champagne, but today is primarily used for ice-free “up” cocktails.  

Why do I want a coupe glass? 

A stemmed cocktail glass is a must-have for any home bar, giving your mixology style and flair. For the clumsy host, the coupe is an excellent alternative to the V-shaped martini glass, which is easier to spill.  

The Champagne coupe is also a worthy competitor to the Champagne flute. Though its wide mouth allows more bubbles to escape, you’ll enjoy more of the aroma and flavors that you’d miss with a flute. The bowl shape is comfortable to hold, perfect for raising a toast. 

What drinks go in a coupe glass? 

The coupe is a surprisingly versatile addition to your home bar. Along with sparkling wines and non-alcoholic seltzers, coupe glasses are ideal for any cocktail served up – shaken with ice and poured into the glass – like the sidecar, gimlets, daquiris, Negronis and Manhattans. They’re even a fun way to serve desserts.  

Which coupe glass should I get? 

As you’re shopping for your own coupe glass, you’ll see all kinds of variations in capacity, bowl depth, stem thickness and more. Some are sleek and simple, while others lean into the vintage cut glass look. But the best coupe glass for your home bar? That’s the one you’ll enjoy using and sharing with guests over and over. Here are our Libbey favorites:

Libbey Tiki Coupe Cocktail Glasses, 8.5-ounce, Set of 4 

With a nod to the kitschy, tiki style of the 1960s and ‘70s, these playful glasses feature a detailed amber stem, perfect for mai tais, rum runners and fruity cocktails of all kinds.  

Libbey Signature Stratford Coupe Cocktail Glass, 6.75-ounce, Set of 4   

With artisanal flair and one-of-a-kind looks, Stratford is pure luxury in a glass. This showstopper of a coupe towers atop a tall, slim stem, with a tapered bowl that helps direct aromas to the nose.   

Libbey Capone Speakeasy Coupe Cocktail Glasses, 8.6-ounce, Set of 4  

Lean into the vintage vibes with this art-deco inspired coupe featuring a diamond-cut stem. Whether you're crafting a classic or something a little more modern, Capone is the height of sophisticated style. 

Libbey Paneled Coupe Cocktail Glasses, 8.5-ounce, Set of 4  

This paneled coupe packs the drama with vertical lines that refract light, creating a vibrant show across your bar top. This modern design is TikTok-ready, with a unique shape that your guests will rave about. 

Libbey Signature Greenwich Coupe Cocktail Glasses, 8-ounce, Set of 4 

Beautiful design never goes out of style – and you’ll be enjoying fine cocktails for years to come with this chic, angular coupe. When these glasses arrive at the party, you know you’re in for a swanky soiree. 

Want more cocktail inspiration? Explore our full assortment of coupe glasses (and don’t forget the cocktail shaker) and start planning your next party!

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