What is Libbey's quality control?

Whether you are a foodservice professional or home entertainer, Libbey wants to ensure that you are completely happy with the quality, durability and safety of your Libbey glassware. One of the ways we accomplish this is through quality control. 

Like many manufacturers, Libbey has an internal quality management system and applies standardized testing protocols to all of the glassware we produce. Similar processes are in place for dinnerware, flatware and other items sold by Libbey.

 A product can only be released for shipment once it has passed a series of inspections. 

Libbey Quality Control

First, a product must match the dimensions determined by our in-house designers and engineers. Next, a sample of the product is pulled from the production line and visually inspected for defects such as cracks, sharp edges, or problems with the logo or decoration.  

Defects range from minor, which may be seen by the naked eye but which don’t affect the integrity of the product, to critical, which could be a hazard to customer safety. To continue on to shipping, the products must not exceed a maximum number of defects for the sample size.  

Thanks to our quality control procedures, you can be confident that your Libbey glassware will be around for many celebrations to come.  

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