Top 5 Glassware Gifts for Dad

What do you get for the dad who has everything? Easy: Brand-new glasses. Whether he’s a football-and-beer kind of guy or treasures his rare whiskey collection, Dad will appreciate the fine craftsmanship and long-lasting durability of Libbey glassware – and he’ll love how thoughtful your gift is, too.  
Here are our top 5 glassware gifts for Dad, guaranteed to earn you “favorite kid” status this holiday season: 

1. Dad will impress his gameday crew when he stocks his basement bar with the classic Pub Beer Glass. This traditional glass is a major upgrade from a basic pint glass, but still versatile enough for all his favorite brews. 

Libbey Pub Beer Glass


2. If Dad’s love for a good beer goes beyond his weekend game watch, get him a set of Craft Brews Classic Belgian Beer Glasses. Remember to tell him how its elegant tulip shape captures the beer's head and opens up its aroma, elevating the flavor of fine craft brews. 

Woman holding Libbey Craft Brews Classic Belgian Beer Glass


3. For those who collect bourbon, the new Kentucky Bourbon Trail Cocktail Glass is the best way to savor that coveted bottle. Designed with top distillers, these glasses pull the complex aromas and flavors out of Old Fashioneds and Manhattans. (They’ll also give Dad a chance to use his fancy spherical ice cube tray!) 

Man reaching for Libbey's Kentucky Bourbon Trail Cocktail Glass


4. Dad can kick back and relax in style with the Cut Cocktails Passage Rocks Glass, a handsome set he’ll be proud to display behind his home bar. With its elegant, modern cuts, this cocktail glass will make him feel like a high roller with every drink.  

Staged photo of Libbey cut cocktail passage rocks glass


5. Is he a wine connoisseur? Wow Dad with our top-rated Kentfield stemware collection, which consistently makes wine glass best-of lists for its stunning clarity, ultrathin rims and soaring stems. And he’ll love that every piece is made in the USA. 

photo of Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glass Set paired with a Charcuterie plate

All that’s left is to add a six pack of beer or a bottle of his favorite wine or spirit and you have a gift your dad will be able to enjoy all year long. Cheers to Dad – and happy gifting. 

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