Top 5 Champagne Flutes to Ring in the New Year

It wouldn’t be a proper New Year’s Eve Party without Champagne – and it wouldn’t be a proper glass of Champagne without a flute to drink it in! Here are our top picks for the best Champagne glasses to ring in 2024: 

1. Signature Kentfield Flute Glass

Best Champagne Glass Libbey Signature Kentfield Champagne Flute
Raising a toast with a Champagne flute makes any bubbly beverage feel fancier! This traditional glass is the quickest way to elevate your celebrations all year long.  
Whether your drink of choice is Champagne, prosecco, or a mimosa or mocktail, the stunning clarity and delicate (but durable) construction of Libbey Signature gives fine upscale flair to your fete.  

2. Signature Greenwich Flute Glass

Photo of Libbey Signature Greenwich Champagne Flute Glasses

The angular design of the Greenwich collection will transport you to a chic New Year’s soiree at a downtown loft. Made with the same fine craftsmanship as the Kentfield collection, Greenwich is the perfect choice for hosts looking for luxury glassware with a modern, minimalist edge. 

3. Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses

Photo of Libbey Stemless Flute Glasses

Looking to create more laid-back vibes at your holiday hang? These stemless flute glasses are a great choice for an intimate NYE party. If your crew wants to keep things cozy – but still loves a nice bottle of bubbly – reach for this casual (but still classy) take on the Champagne flute. 

4. Stratford Champagne Flute Glass

Photo of people raising their glass for a toast with Libbey Signature Stratford Champagne Flute Glass

Impress your New Year’s Eve guests with the artful curves of the Stratford collection. Let them know the glass’ unique tapered rim is designed to enhance the flavor of Champagne and other sparkling beverages while retaining its carbonation. 

5. Paneled Champagne Flute Glass

Photo of Libbey's Paneled Flute Glasses
Twinkling holiday lights have nothing on these glasses, whose vertical lines enhance light refraction for a stunning optical effect across your bar or tabletop. This three-dimensional design is a worthy addition to your home bar, bringing style and sparkle to your midnight celebration. 
Want more ideas for making the first party of the year the best party of the year? Browse our wide array of coupes, wine glasses, cocktail glasses and more. Happy New Year! 

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