The perfect whiskey glass for better-tasting bourbon

Group of friends raising a toast with Libbey's Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass

Whether you are new to the world of whiskey or a true connoisseur, you know that having the right tasting glass can make a good whiskey great, and a great whiskey truly exceptional. 

And if you’ve been searching for the very best whiskey glass – either for yourself or as a gift – look no further than Libbey’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass. 

The official glass of the legendary trail, which promotes the rich tradition and proud history of America's only native spirit, our tasting glass was dreamed up with help from top Bluegrass State bourbon makers. The result was a one-of-a-kind glass that makes every whiskey better. 

The secret is in the glass’ unique design: a thick sham that fits comfortably in the hand, a wide bowl that increases alcohol evaporation, and a narrow neck and flared rim to draw up aromas. The glass allows drinkers to examine the bourbon’s color, swirl and “open up” the spirit and experience its rich, complex flavors in every sip.    

As part of the American-made Libbey Signature luxury stemware collection, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass is also crafted with state-of-the-art glass composition for unbeatable brilliance and durability, slim side walls and an ultrathin, beadless rim that allows you to fully savor a spirit. 

The original Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass Set is best for spirits served neat. If you prefer cocktails like the old fashioned or Manhattan, we’ve recently introduced a larger, ice-cube friendly 13.5-ounce version. (And for those who enjoy a variety of spirits, it’s also available with a coordinating wood paddle for an elevated tasting experience!) 

Are you ready for better whiskey and bourbon? Pick up a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glass – and start sipping better. 

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