The best wine glasses for your holiday parties

Libbey Signature Kentfield Wine Glass Party Set

Nothing says comfort and joy like a glass of wine! From capturing just the right vibe to bringing out the complex flavors of your favorite reds and whites, these are the best wine glass sets to keep the party going throughout the holiday season: 

For a truly showstopping soiree, choose the top-rated Signature Kentfield All-Purpose Wine Glasses. Crafted with thin rims, soaring stems and stunningly clear glass, this stemware collection is peak luxury – and the all-purpose shape means you can switch from red to white to rose without missing a beat. 

Hosting a more casual celebration? Stemless wine glasses are a versatile, unstuffy choice that can handle not only wine but cocktails, mocktails, soda and more.  

If you’ve got a crowd coming over, the Stemless 12-Piece Wine Glass Party Set has enough glasses – six red and six white – for every type of wine (and every type of wine lover). 

A more elevated take on the trend, Libbey’s Signature Greenwich Stemless Wine Glasses boast a chic angular silhouette, sturdy base and thin, elegant walls.  

For a more unique look, our Hammered Base Stemless All-Purpose Wine Glasses feature a distinctive crackled texture that contrasts with smooth-finished dinnerware and flatware. 

And if your parties tend to … get a little out of hand, our Entertaining Essentials All Purpose Wine Glasses were originally designed for bustling bars and restaurants and are tough enough for your most unruly guests. These simple, durable glasses are sure to become a staple in your home bar. 

Get ready to elevate your next holiday gathering – better wine drinking is just a click away. Cheers! 

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