How do I care for my Libbey bakeware?

Like any product made of glass, Libbey bakeware is susceptible to chips, scratches and breakage. But by taking good care of your Libbey bakeware, you’ll keep it in great condition for many holidays, potlucks and celebrations to come.

Here are some general tips for usage, storage and cleaning: 

  • Though Libbey bakeware is dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, it should not be used on a stovetop, grill or other open flame. 
  • Avoid using sharp utensils that may scratch or chip your bakeware. Discontinue use if your bakeware is chipped or cracked. 
  • To clean food particles left on your bakeware, first soak the dish, then use a gentle detergent and non-scratching nylon or plastic scrub pads to loosen the remaining bits. 
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes that may cause unexpected and violent breakage. For example, do not transfer bakeware directly from the freezer to the oven or from the oven to the sink. Allow bakeware to fully cool before immersing in water.  
  • Always place hot bakeware on a towel, cutting board or cooling rack instead of a countertop or stovetop. Do not place hot bakeware on a cold or wet surface. 
  • Pre-heat your oven before adding bakeware. Do not use the broiler with your glass bakeware. 

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