Elevate your Home with these 5 Everyday Drinkware Sets

They’re by your side through breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’re your go-to for water, juice and even wine in a pinch. They’re what you share with guests when thirst strikes. 

So why do we think of everyday drinking glasses as, well, everyday?  
Here’s your sign to upgrade that “everyday” glassware with something that speaks to your personal style. (Because if you have to drink 64 ounces of water a day, you might as well have fun with it.) 

When it comes to drinkware, there are endless options, so we’ve narrowed the list to our five favorite sets. There’s a little something for everyone, each made with lead-free, BPA-free glass that’s durable and dishwasher-safe.  

Blue Ribbon Impressions 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set 

If you’re looking for a glass with that “wow” factor, look no further than the Blue Ribbon Impressions collection, which adds a pop of color to your place setting with a bold blue stripe. Each glass in the set is completely unique, giving off artisan vibes your guests will notice. 

Libbey Classic Slim Can Glass, 12.5-ounce, Set of 6 

Our Libbey Classic Slim Can Glass makes your daily iced coffee or smoothie feel like a little treat, with an iconic can shape that’s all over social media. Sleek and simple with a modern silhouette, they can be dressed up for fruity cocktails or dressed down for daily drinks. 

Libbey Vintage Juice Glasses, 11-ounce, Assorted, Set of 4 

Longing for the bygone days of cookies and milk at Grandma’s kitchen table? Then you’ll love these sweetly nostalgic juice glasses inspired by classic decorated glassware of the 1960s and ‘70s. Their sunny fruit designs are bound to put a smile on your face – the perfect way to start your day.

Libbey Newton Stackable Tumbler Glass, 16-ounce, Set of 6  

Whether you’ve got open shelving or are just short on cabinets, stackable tableware is a must for saving space and keeping organized. Our Newton Stackable Tumblers do just that with a modern design that is as functional as it is fashionable. This one is an especially chic water glass!

Libbey Swerve 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set 

Do we hear a samba playing? Crafted with a dramatic curve, these dynamic drinking glasses practically dance off the table. But don’t be fooled by their off-kilter looks – a heavy base and strong walls pack the same durability as their more “straightlaced” counterparts.

Love these glasses, but want to see what else we have to offer? Explore our full drinkware selection to find a set you’ll look forward to using every day. 

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