Don't preheat the oven without these 3 holiday bakeware must-haves!

Calling all bakers! Whether you're a beginner baker or expert baker, get ready to elevate your creations with Libbey bakeware, where passion meets perfection in every bite. 

The holidays are here, and that means it's time for cookies, pies, and all sorts of sweets. But before you turn on the oven or pull out the stand mixer, make sure you have these three bakeware essentials in your kitchen:

For the Beginner Baker

Just starting your baking journey? Quick, one-bowl recipes like banana bread and pumpkin bread – staples of dreary winter mornings – come together in a pinch with the Baker’s Premium Glass Loaf Dish 

Photo of Libbey's Baker's glass loaf dish

The dish’s thick glass walls ensure even heating and allow you to check the doneness of your bake – so you can serve your creation with confidence. 

For the Baker who Entertains

Holiday hosting is all about the presentation: Think a beautifully browned bird, steaming sides and artfully arranged cookies. 

Photo of Libbey's Baker's Basics Glass Casserole Dish

Libbey’s Baker’s Basics Glass Casserole Dish with cover looks as appetizing coming out of the oven as it does on your table, with a coordinating lid you can dramatically remove to unveil your perfect dish. 

For the Expert Baker

With the right tools on hand, you’ll be ready to tackle any bake, from cozy casseroles to pies and desserts.  
Photo of Libbey's Baker's basics 5-piece glass casserole baking dish set
A great gift for the baker or new homeowner, the Baker’s Basics 5-Piece Glass Casserole baking dish set will have you set for holiday gatherings and beyond, with a 2-quart casserole dish with lid, mixing bowl, pie dish and two baking dishes.  
Ready to start your ovens? Explore our full bakeware collection here. 

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