Does Libbey glass have toxic metals?

Libbey Gats Glassware

You may have read about glassware made with unsafe levels of lead and other heavy metals. These materials may leach into the bloodstream and can cause organ damage, cancer or developmental problems when ingested in high quantities. 

If you’re concerned about toxins leaching into your favorite glass, have no fear: All Libbey glassware, regardless of the country of origin, is heavy metal-free. 

Unlike crystal, which traditionally has been manufactured with at least 24% lead-oxide, Libbey products are made from high-brilliance soda lime glass, which duplicates the appearance of crystal and crystalline without the use of lead, cadmium, barium and other harmful add-ins. 

In fact, analytical testing of Libbey products by a third party found no detectable amounts of lead and other heavy metals.  

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